Action Alert: Watch and Share “Protecting Obamacare. Not Veterans.”

President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13% and congressional Democrats continue to play politics. They are willing to oppose bills they support — like funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs — in order to prolong a shutdown of their own creation.

As Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham said:

“This cynical political strategy may play well at Democrat campaign events, but it only serves to reinforce what many Americans already knew: President Obama and his political allies care only about protecting a failed law that is hurting the country, not about protecting the people they’re supposed to represent.”

President Obama and Democrats in the Senate are willing to play political games and keep the government shutdown no matter who it harms, even if it is World War II veterans. The White House said that they were willing to continue the shutdown because they were “winning”. To them this is just a game.

President Obama and the Senate need to defund Obamacare and end the government shutdown. Help us carry this message by watching and sharing this video with your peers.

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.@BarackObama and @SenatorReid are doing everything possible to prolong #shutdown. Even hurt our #veterans.

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Tell Obama and Harry Reid to end the #shutdown, stop hurting #veterans, and #stopobamacare.

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