Action Alert: Call Your Representative – Shutdown is About Obamacare

WARNING: Your Representative may suffer from short-term memory loss.

Ten days into the government shutdown, after having multiple continuing resolutions to fund the government blocked by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats, the House is losing sight of what this fight is about.

Tell your Representative that this fight needs to stay focused on defunding Obamacare.

Your Member of Congress needs to be reminded that the government is shut down because President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13% and Democrats in Congress refuse to defund a law that is harming Americans.

The White House, the congressional Democrats and the liberal media want the message to become muddied and make it seem like conservatives are being unreasonable. The truth is, these people refuse to negotiate on Obamacare.

Remind your Member of Congress that the shutdown is about Obamacare and that he or she needs to stand for you and the American people by focusing on the full defund of Obamacare.

Call Your Representative

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The Left #shutdown the gov to save Obamacare -- I called my rep. and told them to #stopobamacare.

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