Young, Healthy, and… Not Buying Obamacare

Monday morning on C-SPAN, Jenny Gold of Kaiser Health News explained (view here) that the Obama administration “desperately needs” young people to sign up for Obamacare in large numbers to prevent health insurance premiums from skyrocketing:

Gold went on to explain that in some states, they are advertising for Obamacare at concerts and in TV ads.  But as the New York Post recently explained, Obamacare just ins’t a good deal for young people, despite the Administration’s failed attempts to sell it to 2.7 million more young people:

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 34, the Obama administration is gearing up to hit you with a hard sell like you’ve never seen before. Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Amy Poehler and other celebrities are pressing you to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is handing out hundreds of millions in grants to get people to buy, and pressing companies to spend their own money too.

It has to be a hard sell, because it’s a bad deal for you: The system needs you to pay through the nose to make the ObamaCare math work.

In fact, young people will save money by paying the Obamacare penalty rather than purchasing insurance:

According to recent research by the National Center for Public Policy Analysis, about 3.7 million of those ages 18-34 will save at least $500 if they choose not to buy health insurance and instead pay what the Obama administration calls the “shared responsibility” penalty. Another 3 million will save $1,000.

But is coercing healthy young people at concerts and on TV really going to be sufficient to ensure lower premiums?

Even that won’t be enough.

Heritage explains that in order to meet Obamacare’s actuarial value requirements – or the “benefit generosity” of Obamacare – premiums will necessarily increase:

Overall, Obamacare’s benefit mandates will raise premiums, not lower them—and candidate Obama’s promise to lower rates by $2,500 per family amounts to a massive broken promise.

Any way you look at this situation, the future is grim for Obamacare and grimmer for Americans whose premiums will rise thanks to this new law.

So what can you do to change it?  Contact your representative in Congress and use social media to spread the word.   Tweet about defunding Obamacare using the hashtag #defundnow.

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