Tweet Your Support of #DefundNow

Last week conservatives across the country stopped a legislative gimmick that wouldn’t have defunded Obamacare in the CR. The fight continues into this week.

In the House, conservatives like Rep. Tom Graves (GA-14) are leading the way to get a full defund of Obamacare on the CR. These conservatives need your support. Stand behind this effort by tweeting your support for defunding Obamacare.

Tweet #DefundNow to tell Congress that you want Obamacare fully defunded.

You can tweet this message to your Representative by  finding your Representative’s Twitter handle on your dashboard.

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Memo to Congress: Obamacare doesn't work, Americans don't want it, so you need to #DefundNow

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No more gimmicks, no more tricks. We have to #DefundNow

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Obamacare must be stopped. Defunding it later is not an option. The only option is to #DefundNow

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