Top 6 Reasons You Can Say Goodbye to Your Privacy Thanks to Obamacare

By virtue of the fact that Obamacare is a government takeover of the health care system in America, it is obvious that the law limits our privacy.  Healthcare decisions are some of the most personal, intimate decisions we can make.  With Obamacare, large swaths of Americans won’t even be able to keep the doctor they want.

But how serious are these concerns?

With the creation of Obamacare “navigators”  and Obamacare’s insecure Data Hub these concerns are very serious.

Here are a few points to consider:

1. PLANNED PARENTHOOD GETS MORE TAXPAYER MONEY. In August, the Obama administration granted $655,000 taxpayer dollars to three Planned Parenthood affiliates to act as “navigators.”  Remember, Planned Parenthood is an organization that was responsible for the deaths of nearly 1 million American unborn babies in the past three years.  If that isn’t disturbing enough, they are also under investigation for fraud.

Comfortable yet?  There’s more.

2. IN—PERSON SCAMS BY NAVIGATORS. Heritage also explains that Obamacare’s navigators could subject Americans to in-person scams.  How?  “HHS recently announced it was lowering by one-third—from 30 hours to 20—the minimum training time for navigators. As a result, individuals can be certified as navigators with fewer than three full days’ training—and few security checks.”

3. NO MIMIUM ELIGIBILITY FOR NAVIGATORS. According to the administrations guidelines for the navigators, states are permitted to establish “minimum eligibility criteria and background checks” for navigators, but such parameters are optional according to the guidelines, not obligatory.  So, whoever the liberals decide to empower will do?  Who knows!

4. UNPROTECTED PRIVATE INFORMATION. In order to do their supposed job, the navigators will have access to sensitive personal information — bank accounts, Social Security numbers, insurance identification, and more… again, without having undergone a background check themselves!

5. WE CAN’T FILE COMPLAINTS. The process for filing complaints against navigators who have made mistakes or worse remains unclear.  Yet the Obama administration and its liberal supporters want to barge ahead with this law.

Let’s not forget Obamacare’s Data Hub 

6. OBAMACARE’S DATA HUB ISN’T SECURE. Obamacare’s data hub – a massive compilation of tax filings, Social Security reports, and other government data that will be used to determine eligibility for subsidized insurance – has not yet been certified as secure.  The administration has been cutting corners on data privacy for the exchanges.

The good news is that Obamacare can and must be defunded.  Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky explains what will happen if Congress defunds Obamacare:

 The termination of all “entitlement to benefits” would stop the automatic appropriation of new entitlement spending for things like the law’s Medicaid expansion. The rescission of “unobligated benefits” would return to the Treasury appropriated funds that have not yet been spent on items such as the payment of outside contractors—navigators—for enrolling participants in Obamacare, although it would probably not relieve the government of the contractual obligation to pay for services already rendered.

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