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Today the House of Representatives voted to defund Obamacare on the continuing resolution by a vote of 230 to 189.  Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham said:

“Today’s vote is a victory for the American people, who should not be forced to spend another dime on Obamacare. Opponents of the law are, and must remain, united in their opposition to funding this unworkable, unaffordable law. Senate Democrats must now make a decision: will they stand with President Obama to protect Obamacare or will they reject partisan politics to protect their constituents.”

Obamacare is a hazard to health care in America, but now the law is in critical condition, thanks to this move in the House.  Defunding the law in its entirety would bring its implementation to a screeching halt – from the complicated Obamacare bureaucracy to the onerous rules and regulations.

Senate Must Act to Defund Obamacare, Jim DeMint Says Stop Government Takeover of Health Care

Today the House passed a continuing resolution that funds the government but defunds Obamacare by a vote of 230 to 189.  Earlier in the day, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint was on America’s Newsroom on FoxNews.  He explained that rather than focus on the politics of Obamacare – or whether or not politicians will win their next election – we should be having a discussion about policy and how Obamacare harms Americans.

Will An Internet Sales Tax Ever Be Okay With America?

Will America ever be okay with an Internet Sales tax?  The answer to that question is ‘it’s highly unlikely.’  Remember, according to a recent poll commissioned by R Street and the National Taxpayers Union, 57 percent of likely voters opposes a federal Internet sales tax legislation, including 66 percent of Republicans.

Yet, proponents of the Internet Sales Tax are claiming new momentum in the House of Representatives for an Internet Sales Tax bill. So what would it take to make an Internet Sales Tax palatable to American voters? This week, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) released seven principles to guide his committee in drafting their own version of the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, which the Senate passed in May on a “lopsided vote.”

Protecting Marriage and Our First Freedom

The Marriage and Religious Freedom Act (H.R. 3133) introduced by Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) 91% today currently has over 60 original co-sponsors, including members from both political parties.  This legislation is coming at a pivotal time for the fate of marriage law in America, and consequently, for the fate of American society as a whole. The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson notes:

The bill is an important step for conscience protection. Government policy should respect those who stand for marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Even in jurisdictions that have redefined marriage, those who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman should be free to live in accord with their moral and religious convictions.


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