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The most recent development on the defund Obamacare effort is that House leaders have punted the continuing resolution (CR) until next week.  This is good news considering the “cynical ploy” they originally intended to use this week.  And what was the ploy they had in mind?

They were planning to allow House members to vote on a “clean” CR that included a separate House concurrent resolution defunding Obamacare.  The Senate could then simply kill the concurrent resolution and vote on the “clean” CR, leaving Obamacare funding untouched.

That’s not good enough – they weren’t going to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

The Continuing Resolution, Pivotal for Obamacare’s Fate

In just 21 days, the Obamacare exchanges are scheduled to open, and as Heritage recently noted, Obamacare is nowhere near ready for show time.  The law has not even been fully implemented, and there are myriad ways it has already failed.

The House of Representatives is currently working on a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government.  It is unclear whether they will choose to include the defunding Obamacare on the CR, but if they are serious about stopping the law, they must.

Media Nails House’s Defund Gimmick

Occasionally the folks in the media get one right.  Yesterday, Heritage Action called the process presented by House leaders a “legislative gimmick,” an assessment widely shared by reporters following the issue.

legislative gymnastics

parliamentary wizardry

complex procedural tactic

Stop Feeding the Farm Bill With Taxpayer Money

There are still some folks in Washington doing painstaking investigative journalism.  Two Bloomberg reporters uncover what the farm bill has truly become over the decades and why it should be heavily reformed:

A Depression-era program intended to save American farmers from ruin has grown into a 21st-century crutch enabling affluent growers and financial institutions to thrive at taxpayer expense.

Congress has the tools to make the appropriate change, but they have been reluctant to act.  They should act prudently and not go to a conference committee that would ensure even worse policy would be put in place.  Lawmakers owe it to taxpayers and consumers to truly reform farm policy in America.


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A Depression-era program intended to save American farmers from ruin has grown into a 21st-century crutch

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This week, the media nailed the House's #defundobamacare gimmick

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This week, conservatives forced House leaders to put the defund gimmick on ice. #dontfundit

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