Action Alert: Call to Support The Defund CR

Thanks to the hard work of conservatives like you, the House will vote on a bill to fund the government that defunds Obamacare.  The bill is scheduled to be voted on Friday.

Now is the time to call your Representative and urge a vote for this bill.

Only a full, complete, and total defunding of Obamacare forces all federal bureaucrats to put down their pens and stop crushing the American economy with Obamacare mandates and regulations. We have come a long way since August, when few were even talking about defunding Obamacare. Now, your voice has broken through the Washington Establishment and they are voting to defund Obamacare!

Call your Representative and urge a vote for the defund CR. After you make the call, use our tool to report what the office says, so we can track who is planning to support this important policy.

Once the CR that defunds Obamacare is passed by the House, it will be up to the Senate and President Obama to choose funding their costly and ineffective overhaul of health insurance or to shut down the government.

Call your Representative and tell him or her to defund Obamacare in the CR.

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Call your Representative and urge a vote for the defund CR! I just did. #defundnow

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Take action to support the Defund CR in the House.

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