Senate Must Act to Defund Obamacare, Jim DeMint Says Stop Government Takeover of Health Care

Today the House passed a continuing resolution that funds the government but defunds Obamacare by a vote of 230 to 189.  Earlier in the day, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint was on America’s Newsroom on FoxNews.  He explained that rather than focus on the politics of Obamacare – or whether or not politicians will win their next election – we should be having a discussion about policy and how Obamacare harms Americans.

DeMint said:

We need to keep bringing people back to the fact that this is devastating to American – maybe the most devastating thing in a generation as far as what it does to, not our healthcare system, but our economy, our culture how we think about ourselves as Americans. At the Heritage Foundation we look at the policy. We research what it’s going to do to the people of this country.  And when they say, ‘okay, you might lose,’ we say, ‘since when do Americans not fight for what’s right because they’re afraid they might lose?’

The House has acted.  Now the Senate must do what is best for America; they must defund Obamacare.

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