Obamacare Hurts Young People, From Higher Premiums to Fewer Jobs

The Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger recently explained why Obamacare is bad for young adults on “Fox and Friends.”

In brief:

  1. It means higher insurance premiums.
  2. It will decrease employer sponsored insurance.
  3. It will kill jobs and reduce hours, thanks to the employer mandate.
  4. Young people will be stuck with massive amounts of additional burden from the national debt.

We’ve also noted that more young people, especially low income young people, will be forced into the failed Medicaid program and stuck with part-time jobs thanks to Obamacare.

Why?  Medicaid will be the cheapest option for them, and their employers will have a financial incentive to dump them into Medicaid to avoid hefty Obamacare fines.

Medicaid has been proven not to improve health outcomes, and in fact, it has often produced worse health outcomes than having no insurance at all.

Want to help end this nightmare for young people?  Call your Senators and tell them to defund the law.

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