Obamacare and Explaining Cloture in the Senate

What does it mean if your Senator votes for cloture Friday?  Does it mean they are letting Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13% control the fate of Obamacare?

Heritage Action Communications Director Dan Holler explains the vote the Senate will take Friday on cloture and what that means for policy.  Cloture means they will limit debate on the bill.  But most importantly, Sen. Reid gets full control of the floor and the rights of the minority are undermined.

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If a R votes YES on cloture, they're giving @SenatorReid control. #MakeDCListen #DefundNow

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@Heritage_Action's @DanHoller explains what cloture means. #MakeDCListen #DefundNow

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@Senate_GOPs, don't give @SenatorReid all the control. #MakeDCListen #DefundNow

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