Morning Action: What Must the Senate Do to Stop Obamacare?

CRUZ ON OBAMACARE. Last week, the House passed a continuing resolution that funds the government and fully defunds Obamacare.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 94% explains the next critical steps that the Senate and House must take to stop Obamacare:

Now, it’s the Senate’s turn.

If Senate Republicans stay strong and hold true to their previous commitments to defund Obamacare, we will force Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a choice: keep the government open, or shut it down in the name of funding a glitch-riddled health care takeover that is killing jobs, wages, and health care benefits all across the nation.

The next step is critical. Senate Republicans should demand a 60-vote threshold for any effort that would add Obamacare funding back into the House bill. This is the battle line: Senate Republicans must stop Reid from rejecting the House bill and adding Obamacare funding with merely 51 votes.

The House bill must be protected.

Sen. Cruz notes that Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13% will “use every gimmick, obscure parliamentary trick, and sweetheart deal to do it. After all, that’s how he passed Obamacare in the first place.”    Nevertheless, the House should stand their ground:

Whether or not Senate Republicans defeat cloture, the question will be whether Harry Reid will demand a government shutdown to force Obamacare on every American. We should not shut down the government, and I hope Reid and President Obama do not do so.

Regardless, the House should stand its ground, and if Reid kills this Continuing Resolution then the House should pass smaller CRs one at a time, starting with the military. Dare Reid to keep voting to shut down the government.

Read his entire op-ed here.  We have reserved the right to key vote against “any procedural motions that facilitate efforts to strip the defunding language” from the CR.

DEFUND.  Heritage has produced this graphic depicting why defunding needs to happen.  Share the photo on Facebook.

defund chalk board

DEBT. The Heritage Foundation outlines 6 reasons why the national debt keeps rising; politicians in Washington do not have the courage to change the status quo:

Out-of-control spending by Congress and the Obama Administration has once again maxed out the latest debt limit—a nearly $17 trillion burden that harms job growth, gives special interests a pass, and lowers American families’ personal income.

Inspired by Dave Ramsey’s recent post “6 Reasons People Stay in Debt,” we compiled six reasons why Members of Congress, the Obama Administration, and others in Washington avoid the path to financial stability in favor of big spending.

Read all 6 reasons here.

IMMIGRATION.  Immigration reform is not currently at the top of Washington’s agenda, but some lawmakers in the House are still debating the issue:

A top House Republican in the immigration reform debate on Thursday explicitly endorsed a pathway to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants brought to the United States illegally by their parents.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) said that for the young undocumented immigrants to qualify for this path, they would have to meet certain requirements such as in education or with military service.

The House Judiciary Committee has passed four separate bills – all on party lines – overhauling different sectors of the current immigration system. The House Homeland Security Committee has passed a border-security bill that garnered unanimous backing.

Goodlatte said his committee is working on four additional immigration bills, but declined to elaborate. The chairman is known to be working on the so-called Kids Act with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) that would legalize young undocumented immigrants.

The Heritage Foundation explains why amnesty is the wrong approach to immigration reform.  In one analysis of the version of the DREAM Act contained in the Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration bill, they state:

To allow an amnesty would teach precisely the wrong lesson to America’s lawful immigrants and the culture at large. The message of amnesty is: When a group of people who have violated the law grows too big to prosecute, the U.S. will simply change the law to accommodate them. Even more, the U.S. will allow them to stay in the country until, ultimately, they become permanent residents or even citizens. A massive pardon of intentional violation of law also undermines the rule of law, particularly since it would be the second blanket amnesty in about a quarter century.

Amnesty is also deeply unfair to all those who waded through the United States’ complex and convoluted immigration system to come and remain here legally. The same is true for the approximately 4.4 million individuals who at this very moment are waiting in line to come to the United States, some of whom have been waiting for more than two decades.


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