Morning Action: Obamacare’s Popularity Remains Abysmally Low

OBAMACARE. According to a new NBC News/ Wall Street Journal Poll, most Americans continue to adamantly oppose Obamacare:

A large number of Americans continue to adamantly oppose the nation’s new health-care law and believe it will produce damaging results, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. 

Forty-four percent of respondents call the health-care law a bad idea, while 31 percent believe it’s a good idea — virtually unchanged from July’s NBC/WSJ survey.

By a 45 percent to 23 percent margin, Americans say it will have a negative impact on the country’s health-care system rather than a positive one. 

UNIONS.  Union leaders, greatly dissatisfied with Obamacare, have called for the health care law to be repealed if it is not changed as they see fit; President Obama has not succeeded in quelling the their commotion:

 It’s important to note that labor leaders have no intention of switching their allegiances to Republicans over this row. The same AFL-CIO resolution with its litany of complaints about Obamacare also “reaffirmed the labor movement’s commitment to health care for all, ultimately through a single-payer system.”

And the President has done many, many favors for Big Labor over the years, including offering hundreds of Obamacare waivers to labor unions that weren’t available to other individuals or businesses.

But labor leaders, having been instrumental in the fight to pass and entrench the President’s health law, now find themselves in the difficult position of having advocated a law that will, in their own words, disrupt the health coverage of millions of their members. They clearly thought that they could fix what they didn’t like, either by railroading the President, or by lobbying Congress. Neither tactic has worked thus far.

The Heritage Foundation notes:

Terry O’Sullivan, President of the Laborers International Union of North America, said on Wednesday that his union wants Obamacare “fixed, fixed, fixed….But if the [law] isn’t fixed…then I believe it needs to be repealed.”

O’Sullivan got his answer two days later—the Administration claims the law can’t be fixed. So will his union now call for Obamacare’s repeal?

As the old saying goes, “Better late than never.” Here’s hoping the Laborers Union, and other unions—having finally discovered that Obamacare could cost them both their jobs and their health insurance—ask Congress to stop the law now.

OBAMA ECONOMY.  After recognizing that he could garner only scant support for his position on Syria over the past few weeks, President Obama will pivot attention to the economy this week:

Facing an overwhelmingly united front against his request for U.S. intervention in Syria, President Obama will pivot to the economy Monday.

Just over a month ago the president delivered to the nation his opening argument for a more progressive economic agenda, warning lawmakers not to become embroiled in yet another debt limit debate, negotiating dollar-for-dollar government spending.

The White House says he will sound that same familiar call Monday, cautioning against “more self-inflicted wounds from Washington.”

President Obama has touted what he sees as progress in the economy during his time in office.  However, as the Daily Caller notes, the economic report on which he bases his assertions “cherry-picks favorable economic data to justify” his claims:

But Obama’s economic report has so many gaps that it fails to mention today’s unemployment rate, or even the 20 million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed.

The report does declare that “over the past three and a half years, our businesses have created seven and a half million new jobs.” But the population also has grown 7 million, from 306.8 million in 2009, to 314 million in 2012, partly through the arrival of roughly 5 million immigrants.



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