Morning Action: House Votes to Defund Obamacare as HHS Mandate Lawsuit Reaches Supreme Court

DEFUND.  The House of Representatives will vote today on a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government but defund Obamacare; the battle will then move over to the Senate:

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) challenged Senate Republicans Thursday to fight hard for a House GOP plan to defund ObamaCare in a stopgap spending bill, saying they must “pick up the mantle and get the job done.” 

“We’ll deliver a big victory in the House tomorrow and then this fight will move over to the Senate, where it belongs,” Boehner said at a Capitol news conference. “I expect my Senate colleagues to be up for the battle.”

HHS MANDATE.  The battle against Obamacare’s coercive HHS mandate has made it to the Supreme Court:

As the House prepares to vote on defunding Obamacare, citizens are challenging the Obama Administration to defend a part of the law that has already gone into effect: the anti-conscience mandate. Earlier today, five members of the Hahn family, who run Conestoga Wood Specialties, took their fight against the coercive mandate to the Supreme Court.

The Hahn family, along with more than 200 other plaintiffs challenging the coercive Obamacare mandate, remains hopeful that the Supreme Court will respect the First Amendment and all Americans’ ability to live and work in accordance with their faith.

Read the details of the fight here.

OBAMACARE.  The Obamacare scams are already starting, according to a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report:

Even when it’s not malicious, the new Obamacare system—employing “navigators” who aren’t run through background checks or adequately trained—opens up a host of opportunities for identity theft. Last week, an employee of Minnesota’s insurance exchange (MNsure) emailed out the names and Social Security numbers of 2,400 insurance agents. The insurance broker who received the email said, “If this is happening now, how can clients of MNsure be confident their data is safe?”


The Oversight Committee reports that the exchange system thus far is a combination ofshoddy planning and bad incentives. Navigators, who are supposed to help people sign up for the exchanges, are allowed to be paid based on the number of people they enroll in Obamacare.

OBAMA.  A recent poll finds President Obama’s approval rating has fallen to 43 percent, with surprisingly low rates among key constituencies:

In our brand new monthly Zogby Analytics Poll taken September 17-18 among 1000 likely voters, the President’s job approval rating has taken a dive down to 43%, with 54% disapproving of his overall performance. What is particularly striking about this new set of numbers is the dive he has taken among key constituencies that have formed his reliable base.

The President won re-election last November with 71% of the Hispanic vote. He reached 84% approval among Hispanics a few months ago but now stands at 61% approval. African Americans voters gave him 93% support in 2012 but now have dropped to 81% approval. Young voters now stand at 47% approval – but gave Mr. Obama 61% support in his re-election bid. And 56% of the Creative Class voted for him, but today only 47% approve of his job.

UNIONS. Unions were some of Obamacare’s strongest supporters, but their support for the law continues to decrease:

Labor unions were among the strongest supporters of the Affordable Care Act when it passed in 2010. They spent millions of dollars in ad buys supporting the bill, pressured wavering Democrats in Congress to pass it, and followed up with support for those Democrats in the November elections. 
Three years later, union leaders say the bill they fought to pass now threatens to hurt their own members. At issue are the collectively bargained, multi-employer insurance plans that more than 15 million unionized workers access under the Taft-Hartley Act. Those plans currently allow workers like builders and electricians to change jobs among participating employers and stay in the same health-insurance plan. Because many of the jobs involve manual labor, the plans usually account for injuries and repetitive stresses, benefits that unions say their workers sought instead of higher wages.  



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The battle against Obamacare’s coercive HHS mandate has made it to the Supreme Court

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