Morning Action: Beware Obamacare’s Massive and Expensive New Entitlements

OBAMACARE. This failed healthcare law is extremely fiscally irresponsible for our nation, as Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham explains:

By Washington standards, the entitlements within ObamaCare start slowly. Next year, the Medicaid expansion and exchange subsidies will cost taxpayers $48 billion. Over the next decade, however, the cost of these entitlements will balloon to $1.8 trillion. Simply put, ObamaCare is incompatible with fiscal responsibility.

Left in place, Americans should expect these costs to grow. Originally, President Obama promised the ten-year cost (an oddity of Washington budget keeping that obscures the true cost of entitlement spending) would be about $900 billion. Later, the Congressional Budget Office dutifully estimated the ten-year cost at $940 billion.

Only this year did we learn the true cost of the ObamaCare entitlements to be double what the president promised. With history as our guide, we can be confident those costs will rise, too.

In 1965, Congress predicted Medicare Part A would cost $9 billion in 1990 – the actual cost was $67 billion.

Read the entire op-ed here.

DELAYS.  The White House announced Thursday that its Spanish-language healthcare enrollment tools will not be ready to launch until three weeks after the start of registration on Tuesday:

Administration officials explained there will be Spanish-language speakers on the government’s help line beginning on the first day of open enrollment, but the site, will not allow Spanish speakers to compare insurance plans and enroll entirely in Spanish until the week of October 21. is the Spanish version of the English website,

The October 21 date, one administration official noted, kicks off a “week of action” tied to Hispanic Heritage month.

The Heritage Foundation explains the damage that Obamacare will do to the Hispanic community in America:

Here’s something you won’t hear from the Hispanic media, the mainstream media, or the White House: Among the many terrible side effects of Obamacare is its adverse effects on Hispanics.

This stems from the fact that the Hispanic population is one of the youngest, in addition to Obamacare’s impact on the wholesale and retail industry, which employs many Hispanic Americans.

Wholesale and retail will be hit especially hard by Obamacare, because, as one consultantnoted, “employers not currently offering coverage to all employees working at least 30 hours a week may be more inclined to change their workforce strategy so that fewer employees meet that threshold.”

But don’t expect a press release on this hard truth, considering that the national unemployment rate for Hispanics is higher than the national average at almost 10 percent. 

OBAMACARE IMPACT.  The Heritage Foundation has outlined 5 major ways Obamacare will impact you and other Americans negatively because of its many mandates and regulations.  Check them out here.

UNIONS.   Unions are nowhere to be found as President Obama and his administration attempt to rally people to sign up in the Obamacare exchanges October 1:

In the run-up to a possible government shutdown, the White House’s allies in organized labor are mostly silent.

President Barack Obama has his campaign arm beating up John Boehner, aides calling House Republicans terrorists and congressional allies using his name to fundraise.

But the White House hasn’t overtly sought labor’s help in its public campaign against House Republicans, and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka isn’t even in Washington to help the West Wing strategize or rally support, union officials said.

FARM BILL.  The House has made no attempt to seriously reform farm programs.  Yet, House lawmakers took the first steps late Thursday toward a formal farm bill conference with the Senate:

House Republicans took the first steps late Thursday toward a formal Farm Bill conference with the Senate, as the Rules Committee cleared the way the way for a floor vote Friday that would marry up the separate titles approved in July and then last week.

The provisions are part of a larger “martial law” rule approved 9-3 by the Rules panel and empowering the GOP leadership to move quickly over the weekend on debt and funding bills prior to the fiscal year ending Monday night.

In this context, the farm language can seem a bit player in the furor over a threatened government shutdown and potential default. But it is a critical first step that Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) has been waiting for anxiously.

The Heritage Foundation explains the farm bill must be reformed so that taxpayer and consumers are no longer subsidizing the businesses of wealthy farmers. They also note why conference is a bad idea:

In September, there will be only nine legislative days in the House before some farm bill programs expire at the end of the month. Even during a relatively quiet legislative period, this small window to develop real reform would be insufficient. As the debt ceiling looms and the nation could become militarily engaged in Syria, developing real reform becomes impossible.

Further, the existing farm bills passed by the House and Senate are flawed, so going to conference with these bills would only lead to bad policy. Therefore, the best option now is a new extension of the 2008 farm bill.

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