Morning Action: As Obamacare Fails, Obama Administration Seeks Out New “Navigators”

OBAMACARE. The Heritage Foundation has listed 10 ways Obamacare isn’t working, from delaying the employer mandate to failing to truly protect those with pre-existing conditions. Still, the Obama administration keeps trying to “fix it.”  They state:

[The Administration] has delayed parts of the law, ignored others, and carved out exemptions for its political allies.

In the end, Nancy Pelosi was wrong. Congress passed the bill, but we still don’t know what’s in it—because the Obama Administration keeps changing rules and ignoring the law. That’s why Congress should use its power of the purse and stop a single dime from being spent on this unworkable, unfair, and unpopular measure.

Read the full list here.

NAVIGATORS.  As Obamacare fails and its implementation gets more complicated, the Obama administration is still seeking out Obamacare “navigators,” whose apparent job it is to guide people through the complex law.  It’s complete chaos:

With the program known as “Obamacare” only weeks away from its key launch date, hectic preparations are in motion in communities across the country to deal with one of its major practical challenges: hiring and training a small army of instant experts who can explain the intricacies of health insurance to people who’ve never had it.

More than 100 nonprofits and related organizations, which specialize in everything from running soup kitchens to organizing farm workers, have been recruited by the federal government to sign up “navigators” to help the 30 million uninsured people who can now gain coverage.

Many of the groups have little expertise in health insurance. And the timeline for training the workers is tight. According to the new health law, people can begin shopping among the new policies on Oct. 1. The enrollment period lasts six months. Coverage begins in January.

SYRIA. Preside Obama is still pushing Congress and the American people to approve of his position on the use of military force in Syria:

President Obama will go to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to personally make the case to lawmakers about why a strike against Syria is in the best interests of the U.S., according to multiple reports. 

ABC News reported that Obama will meet with Senate Democrats at their weekly luncheon on Tuesday, and may also meet with some individual lawmakers who remain skeptical about further U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

Obama’s visit is part of a broad offensive by the administration to make the case that Syrian president Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people requires a U.S. military response.

We oppose the use of military force in Syria because it does not serve a vital U.S. interest in the region.  Moreover, it remains unclear what good would be accomplished if the Administration pursues that course of action.

BASHAR ASSAD.  Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has warned retaliation would occur if the U.S. uses military strikes in Syria, though he was “remarkably calm” when asked whether or not his regime used chemical weapons on their own people:

President Bashar Assad warned Sunday that if President Obama decides to launch military strikes on Syria, the U.S. and its allies should “expect every action” in retaliation.

“You should expect everything. Not necessarily from the government,” Assad told “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose in his first television interview since Mr. Obama sought congressional approval for military action.

In a clear reference to his allies in Iran and the Islamic militant group Hezbollah, Assad warned that his government is “not the only player in this region.”


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It would be folly to use military force in Syria.

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