Media Nails House’s Defund Gimmick

Occasionally the folks in the media get one right.  Yesterday, Heritage Action called the process presented by House leaders a “legislative gimmick,” an assessment widely shared by reporters following the issue.

legislative gymnastics

parliamentary wizardry

complex procedural tactic

a dressed up but powerless vote


legislative gambit

Conservatives have consistently urged the Republican-controlled House to “live up to the moment and pass a bill funding the government but denying any funding for Obamacare.”  As Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham said yesterday, “The American people are tired of gimmicks, and it is our expectation that no conservative in Congress will try to deceive their constituents by going along with this cynical ploy.”


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Voters want to #DefundObamacare, not “parliamentary wizardry”

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It's time to #DefundObamacare, not rely on a "complex procedural tactic”

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