Add the Heritage Action Scorecard to Your Website

We launched an all-new legislative scorecard website in June, and as part of that launch, we built an API for our scorecard’s data. This means that authorized developers can incorporate the Heritage Action legislative score into their websites.

Our updated dashboard pages were the first use of the API. The next thing we built is a card that can show scores in any post on The Forge. Like this: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) 100%.

Today I’m happy to announce we’ve made that scorecard function available to anyone with a WordPress site via an all-new WordPress plugin.

The Heritage Action Scorecard plugin adds an Insert Member of Congress function to your WordPress admin area:

scorecard plugin admin

Using the search box, you can easily find and insert any Member of Congress into your WordPress page or post. The inserted Member will have a small percentage next to his or her name, and when your visitors hover over the name, this card will appear:

scorecard hover card

You can download the plugin at After installing the plugin, you’ll need to contact us to request access to our scorecard API. We’ll get you set up, and you’ll be off and running to new heights of online accountability for Congress.

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