We’ve Seen Enough! A Grassroots Army Must Form to Oppose Obamacare

What has 21 federal agencies promoting it and is a complete and utter failure?

You guessed it! Obamacare!

The Left is acutely aware that Obamacare is a train wreck already.  Democrats oppose it in increasingly large numbers, and powerful unions are increasingly angered by the false promises. Maybe that’s why the government has 21 agencies using taxpayer dollars to promote the law. 

But what is even more alarming than that is the perilous long-term implications of the law.  As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently explained, once the Obamacare entitlements go into effect, it will be virtually impossible to get rid of Obamacare.  Why?  No major entitlement in the history of the U.S. has been repealed.  That’s why he explained in no uncertain terms that what is needed is a grassroots army across America to tell their representatives to defund the law.  Right now, Congress doesn’t have the votes.  They need to hear from you.

From now until the day Congress passes a year-end spending bill – likely a continuing resolution, or CR – a grassroots army needs to form and call for acomplete defunding of the law.  To be clear, this can and must be done – there are no legitimate excuses not to defund the law.

Heritage’s health care policy expert Chris Jacobs explains what Congress must do:

Congress has every incentive to take action and defund Obamacare this fall. The law’s exchanges are scheduled to open for enrollment onOctober 1 and will start accepting applications for subsidized insurance plans taking effect on January 1, 2014. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), next year federal taxpayers will subsidize exchange insurance plans for 6 million Americans and fund a Medicaid expansion covering an additional 9 million enrollees.[4] Over time, spending on Obamacare will explode. The CBO projects that spending on these two new subsidies will grow from $48 billion in fiscal year 2014 to $250 billion in 2023—a more than five-fold increase.[5]

The list of Obamacare’s failures grows by the day.[6] It is not that portions of the law are unworkable—theentire law is unworkable. Absent the law’s complete repeal, only full defunding would ensure that the American people are not subjected to any of these destructive policies. Congress can do its part in remedying these failures by using its all-important “power of the purse” to set a very clear line in the sand: not one single dime to fund Obamacare.

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