“We’re In This for the Founding Principles of the Country”

Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham had some very inspiring words for the American people on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers Sunday when asked why folks in America should support Heritage Action for America:

One of the few groups that’s actually going to come into town and say, ‘Hey, look, we’re not here on the side of big business, we’re not here on the side of big labor, we’re certainly not here on the side of big government, we’re here on the side of the American people who want to be educated, who want what’s best for their country, and want to hold their member of Congress accountable”

He added:

There are very few people, there are very few groups, who will actually stand up to an entire rotten culture in this town, and say this isn’t what we need.

When asked how important it was that the Republicans hold the House in the next election, he responded:

I think the Republicans will hold the House in the next election if they’re bold, if they inspire people… I think that if the Republicans want to control the House, you have to tell the American people what do you stand for, why is it important that Republicans come.  Is it so that we can have a corporatist farm bill pass?  I don’t think so.  I think it’s instead because we have certain values that the American people want.  They want to feel like there is somebody on their side. And the Republican party will be best served… in saying to a whole bunch of people who feel dis-empowered, who feel like they have no advocate in Washington, we’re willing to be that advocate.

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