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Millions of Americans already oppose Obamacare; in fact, most Americans do.  But October 1 is fast approaching.  That’s the day open enrollment for the Obamacare healthcare exchanges begins, which means Americans will begin enrolling in Obamacare.  If the entire law is not defunded, it will become much harder to undo the damage.  Fortunately, the opposition felt by so many Americans is transforming into a formidable force – the momentum is undeniable. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says what we need is a “grassroots tsunami.”

Obama’s Top Farmer Crying Wolf on Farm Bill Again

AgriNews reports Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said “the U.S. will cease paying a $147 million annual settlement to Brazil that is part of a long-running dispute over cotton subsidies.”

After eight years of challenges and appeals at the World Trade Organization, the U.S. agreed to pay Brazil $147.3 million in damages to keep the South American country from raising tariffs on American goods.  Brazil, a cotton powerhouse, was protesting the damaging effects of various U.S. agricultural policies, such as countercyclical payments made to U.S. cotton farmers when the price of cotton drops below a pre-established mark.

So taxpayers subsidize the U.S. cotton industry and, in turn, funnel money to Brazil’s cotton industry.  Brilliant!

The White House’s Amnesty Opposite Day

The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector debunks the White House’s attempt to sell amnesty with dubious Keynesian economics.  The White House last week released a report claiming that granting amnesty to immigrants here illegally would increase the income of Americans by $791 billion over the next decade.  They also claim that amnesty would add roughly 2 million new jobs over the same period.

The White House is living in some kind of alternate reality; amnesty would not benefit America.  The Heritage Foundation has outlined a positive path to immigration reform that does not include amnesty for illegal immigrants.  But an amnesty-first approach would undermine the rule of law, be unfair to those trying to come here legally, and come at a tremendous $6 trillion economic cost.

You Think You’re Dreading Obamacare? Your Doctor is Too

Reports that doctors are dreading Obamacare are a dime a dozen.  We frequently hear about doctors who are quitting their profession prematurely because they want to avoid the nightmare of red tape, new bureaucracy, paperwork, and regulations that have come – and will continued to get worse — with Obamacare.

Obamacare severely degrades the patient-doctor relationship.  The Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger recently explained:

[Obamacare’s new programs] will create powerful economic incentives to comply with standardized guidelines at the expense of individual patient care, encouraging doctors and other medical professionals to “check the box” and achieve a high and financially beneficial score as a condition of participating in the government’s health programs.

Smile! You’ve Got Socialized Healthcare!

Obamacare Navigators are being told to smile as they sell President Obama’s failed healthcare law to the public.  That’s according to a 217 page manual, the Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator Standard Operating Procedures Manual, released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Monday.  Will their pitch sound something like this?

We’re going to strangle you with regulations, smother you in bureaucracy, make it next to impossible for you to find full-time work, and intrude in the some of the most intimate decisions you’ll make in your life… But we’re smiling, so you should be happy about all of this!

Perhaps not.  But sadly, none of this is a joke.


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