Sentinels in Action: Summer Slam to Stop Obamacare

This August we’re working to defund Obamacare. A group of North Carolina Sentinels are leading the charge in their state. They are implementing the plan outlined below. Contact them to join the effort in North Carolina, or replicate their efforts in your state.

We welcome Sentinels across the country to work with us and each other to defund Obamacare.

NC Sentinels: Summer Slam to Stop Obamacare

Republicans in Congress promised to stop Obamacare. It can be done. But it won’t be done unless we, the grassroots, demand it, as Senator Ted Cruz has said.  The Continuing Resolution will be voted on in September and is our last chance to stop this train wreck.


1. RNC will act on the NC GOP’s resolution in support of defunding Obamacare. Encourage GOPs and RNC delegates to publicly support the resolution to defund Obamacare.

2. Members of the US House will sign Rep. Mark Meadows’s letter to leadership asking to defund Obamacare.

3. Members of the US House will co-sponsor Rep. Tom Graves’s (GA)Defund Obamacare Act.

4. US Senators will sign Senator Mike Lee’s letter to leadership asking to defund Obamacare.

5. US Senators will co-sponsor Senator Ted Cruz’s (TX)Defund Obamacare Act.


1. At Town Hall Meetings ask Members of Congress to defund Obamacare. Ask district offices for town hall schedules. Promote and attend the town halls, making sure to make the ask and record their response.  If your Members of Congress will not hold a town hall, schedule one. Invite Rep. Meadows who support defunding Obamacare, health care experts, other elected officials, and people with a personal health care/Obamacare story to share.

NOTE: North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows is preparing a video message on the Defund Obamacare effort which will be available for you to show at your district event.

2. Petition/Letter asking the state’s delegation to defund Obamacare.  The petition will be hand delivered to the Senators’ and Representatives’ offices after the town hall season has concluded.

3. Visit your Senators’ and Representatives’ district offices to meet with your Senator, Representative, or with a staffer. Ask them to represent you by defunding Obamacare.

4. Write Letters to the Editor and make calls to talk radio when your Representative declines to hold a town hall.  Send letters to the newspaper to educate the public about what defunding Obamacare means and why we support it.

5. Overlay these actions with a “tsunami” (h/t Ted Cruz) of calls, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts to your members of Congress for the next month.

Your hard work is having an effect as the letters and Defund Obamacare Act have new signers every day! Thank you for all you are doing!

For more information on the Summer Slam plan, you are welcome to contact one of these Sentinels:

North Carolina:




Mary Ann,




More ways to take action

Read: Russ Vought’s Defunding Obamacare: Questions, Answers, Excuses & Responses, NC GOP Resolution to Defund Obamacare

Tweet: suggested #HASHTAGS to use on Twitter:#Haction (so Heritage Action can easily find and re-tweet)#SummerSlam#DefundObamacare#DontBlink#DontFundIt

Report: Please remember to REPORT your activities and any intel you gather. We’ll use it to help other Sentinels and our team be more effective.

Stay Cool, but turn up the HEAT of conservative accountability this August!

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