No Steny Hoyer, Congress Isn’t Our “Board of Directors” and We Don’t Want Obamacare

Big-government liberals do have a different perception of the proper role of government than conservatives.  That’s quite clear from the different types of policies they support, like Obamacare.  But a recent remark from House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) brought to light just how disturbing the Left’s political philosophy truly is.  He said Congress was elected by the American people as their “board of directors.”  That is the mentality that has contributed so greatly to a massive nanny state and an out-of-control administrative state.

The remark was made on  MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner; host Wagner snickered and asked Rep. Hoyer (D-MD) about the possibility of a government shutdown if President Obama chooses not to sign a continuing resolution into law that defunds Obamacare but funds the rest of the government.  She went into fear mongering mode, citing the possibility of government shutdown in the fall – and brace yourself for this one – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) might not have a plan B!  She also mentioned that Rush Limbaugh doesn’t believe Democrats and Republicans should compromise on the issue.

Rep. Hoyer took the opportunity to respond to Limbaugh, bash conservatives, and engage in yet more fear mongering about the possibility of a government shutdown:

In point of fact, we are all Americans, and we were elected by the American people as their board of directors.  And the American people expect us to work together.  They understand there are different perspectives.  So I was really very disappointed with that kind of philosophy, that we have nothing in common.  We’re Americans; we want our country to succeed.  We want to create jobs for our people.  

Again, the government doesn’t “create jobs,” Mr. Hoyer.  And if “compromise” means allowing the Left to ensure Obamacare is funded and implemented, then “compromise” is not in the cards for conservatives. In fact, if the Left were serious about job creation, they would remove the blinders that have prevented them from seeing how bad Obamacare is for jobs.

The takeaway here is that the Left is confused about Obamacare.  The American people don’t want it.  They are disingenuous about the effects of a potential government shutdown and who would really be responsible for it, and they just don’t understand the proper relationship between American citizens and their elected representatives.

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