Morning Action: Thousands of Americans Joined Heritage Action’s Defund Obamacare Town Hall in Dallas

DEFUND TOUR. It’s infuriating for the Left and liberals in the media, but thousands of Americans came to Heritage Action’s Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour in Dallas to express their opposition to Obamacare and support for the conservative defund effort:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke at the event to explain why Obamacare must be defunded:

HHS.  On FoxNews Tuesday night Heritage Action communications director Dan Holler discussed the Obama administration’s video contest designed to get young people to sign up for Obamacare:

The Heritage Foundation notes:

Young people may feel they are “invincible” and don’t need Obamacare, so the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has to convince them otherwise. It will award prizes to videos promoting Obamacare to young people. The Huffington Postreports that the prize money comes from “the Affordable Care Act’s education and outreach budget.” As Heritage has explained, the cost of educating the public about Obamacare is already “extraordinary—and questionable.”

OBAMA.  Just back from a luxurious vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama is trying to steer focus away from tougher, more controversial issues to the economy by going on a bus tour:

Shadowed by turmoil in Egypt and domestic controversies, President Barack Obama will seek to regain political momentum on a bus tour during which he will push his plans for stoking the U.S. economy and taming the high cost of college tuition.

“The Obama administration has been on defense for the majority of the president’s second term,” said Brandon Lenoir, a political scientist at Oklahoma State University.

“By going on the offensive, the president may be able to turn the attention of the American public away from the controversies and toward an agenda that will contribute to his legacy.”

Obama is just back from an eight-day break on the Massachusetts summer resort island of Martha’s Vineyard. But the vacation might not have been the reprieve he had hoped for.

Heritage noted that during one of his previous economic speeches, he tried to convince Americans that Obamacare is working, he’s working to cut the deficit in half, and he’s the savior of the middle class:

President Obama sure was excited about his speech yesterday. He talked for more than an hour in sweeping, grandiose terms about everything that’s happened since he became President, and everything that’s still going to happen.

If only more of it were true.

American workers today are more productive and better compensated. Their problem is a lack of jobs. And for that, we have President Obama’s policies to thank.

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