Morning Action: Lawmakers in Washington Playing with the Second Amendment Yet Again

GUNS.  Two Democrat lawmakers are sponsoring legislation that would create 20 percent tax on handguns and a 50 percent tax on ammunition:

Rep. Danny K. Davis and Bill Pascrell are sponsoring legislation to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to include a 20 percent tax on handguns, as well as a 50 percent tax on ammo:

Pascrell believes a new tax on handguns “has been a long time coming.” In announcing the legislation on August 21, Pascrell said, “The tax on handguns was last increased in 1955. Worse yet, the tax rate on ammunition and other types of firearms has remained the same since 1941.”

Besides taxing “pistols [and] revolvers” the bill also contains language indicating a proposed 20 percent tax on firearms “other than pistols and revolvers.”

The proposed tax on handguns would nearly double the current rate of 11%, and the tax would be applied at multiple points of sale — manufacturer, producer, and importer — significantly driving up prices. All government agencies would be exempt from the added tax, and its proceeds would benefit police departments.

EDUCATION. Virginia Walden Ford explains the benefits of school choice as an alternative to failing schools across the country:

Though our work is not yet done, and we will still strive to realize the fullness of the dream, we are now seeing children who were failing in schools across the nation thrive in schools that their parents chose. In just one instance of that accomplishment, it was a special joy for me this year to celebrate with Jordan White, the first DCOSP college graduate. Now she’s headed to a job in Kagoshima, Japan.

Dr. King’s dream that future generations of American children “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” rings especially dear to me.

Our children deserve a great education, and we can no longer stand by while they are condemned to a life of lost opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. School choice has provided a chance for a quality education to hundreds of thousands of children. What a wonderful legacy we leave to those who will come behind us and continue to fulfill the dream.

DEFUND OBAMACARE. Defunding Obamacare can and must be done:

Thanks to Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, we have a ruinous healthcare law on our hands.  Fortunately, Congress also has a perfectly viable means of stopping the law from causing any further damage. They can defund the law in its entirety on a must-pass spending bill and halt its implementation entirely before open enrollment begins for the Obamacare exchanges October 1.

This solution is both principled and politically smart for Republicans.  It is the best opportunity to stop Obamacare, but it is fleeting.  If funding for Obamacare is allowed to continue on a forthcoming must-pass spending bill, and bureaucrats are allowed to ensnare us with Obamacare’s new provisions, regulations, and entitlements, it will be tremendously more difficult to undo the damage.

Preventing a government takeover of the healthcare system in America is the most principled, most conservative approach.  If Republicans act with courage to defund Obamacare, whether or not the President threatens to shut down the government to preserve his unworkable law, they will inspire the American people.  If they blink, they’ll simply infuriate and disappoint us yet again.

LAYOFFS. Obamacare is causing layoffs at a prominent Kentucky restaurant:

Obamacare is forcing Joe Bologna, the owner of a prominent Lexington, Kentucky restaurant, to reduce his business’s hours of operations and to cut employees.

Preparations for the insurance overhauls have been under way since April- when Mr. Bologna decided to close his restaurant on Mondays.

Mr. Bologna says that he must save money because of the high cost of healthcare. Obamacare requires that employers with 50 or more full-time employees provide health insurance or be fined. Joe Bologna explains that “If the Obamacare wasn’t in effect for us, we’d have to pass whatever that cost would be – it could be as much as $20,000 for us – which we’d have to pass onto customers, and that’s going to hurt business.”

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