Mike Needham on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown to Discuss Obamacare Train Wreck

Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham debated DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse Tuesday on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown on the topic of Obamacare.  Needham emphasized that President Obama’s failed healthcare law is the most pressing matter Congress and the American people must contend with this summer.

Democrats like Woodhouse want to make this summer about immigration and “climate change.”  Anything that will buy them time so that their failed healthcare law won’t be center stage.  Of course, they have no good reason to put the spotlight on Obamacare.  Having an actual discussion about its failures would be political suicide for them, and they know it.  So they must resort to playing politics with America’s healthcare future.  They must delay the most egregious aspects of the law, like the employer mandate:

facing the January 1, 2014, deadline, they see disaster in imposing the employer mandate in an election year. The White House is not politically stupid. While government actuaries predicted a modest dumping of workers out of job-based coverage, independent analysts predicted major disruptions in employer-based coverage.

Obama’s team knows they need more time to get their heavy regulatory machinery greased and ready to carry out their coercive mission. Obviously, more than three years of central planning is not enough time.

Needham makes clear Obamacare is the main focus is summer:

This is the summer about Obamacare right now… The last chance that this Congress has to finally take up the responsibility it has to listen to the American people and say hey, we need a timeout from this law.  We passed it so we could find out what’s in it.  We’re finding out what’s in it, and it’s not looking very good.

He’s right.  Obamacare is an awful, unworkable failure of a law — though many on the Left are in denial.

And Forbes just reported yet another aspect of the failed law is being delayed for a year: the out-0f-pocket cost caps.   This means insurance premiums will skyrocket for many Americans.  But that’s not news.  Heritage has explained for years and continues to point out that Obamacare means higher costs:

And while Obamacare’s supporters claim the law will reduce costs, the additional mandated benefits included in the new “government-approved” insurance policies will actually raise overall health spending. 


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