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Last night, a small group of Republican lawmakers met to discuss how the House should proceed on the issue of immigration in the aftermath of the Senate’s relatively weak showing on the Gang of Eight.  That meeting was a prelude to a much more consequential meeting that will take place on Wednesday with the full House Republican Conference.  Going into that leadership meeting, conservatives must be united in their opposition to any House immigration bill until the current amnesty debate ends because it would lead to a conference committee with the Senate-passed amnesty bill.

Farm Bill: Dangers of Conference

Regardless of what was promised by House Republican leaders with regard to a conference committee (remember, motions to instruct aren’t actually binding), it is imperative these conservative lawmakers remember what happens in conference committees.  Even during the Bush-era, conference committees did not produce legislation that was more conservative than the legislation sent into the conference.

Obamacare: What Conservatives Should Do Next

Given last week’s devastating announcement that the Administration cannot implement Obamacare’s employer mandate next year without costing jobs, many conservatives have pondered the best course of action for Congress to take in response.  The strategic options are many, but the choice should be clear: Congress should refuse to spend a single dime implementing this law.

A Day in the Life of a HAFA Sentinel

Since becoming a Sentinel last year I cannot begin to tell you how empowered I have felt and for the first time since 2008, finally feel as though I am making a real difference. My efforts are focused and effective. This opportunity has allowed me to connect with so many amazing grassroots activists that would have otherwise not been possible. I am grateful to The Heritage Foundation for putting their faith in this group of committed conservatives at Heritage Action and for allowing me to be part of their team.  The following is a page out of my Sentinel diary and is intended simply as a guide for your own Action Plan as you strive to be an active participant in holding congress accountable.

Defunding Obamacare: Questions and Answers, Excuses and Responses

“What do you mean by defunding Obamacare?”

Defunding Obamacare means attaching a legislative rider to a “must pass” bill (debt limit, annual spending bill, etc.) that 1) prohibits any funds from being spent on any activities to implement or enforce Obamacare; 2) rescinds any unspent balances that have already been appropriated for implementation; and 3) turns off the exchange subsidy and new Medicaid spending that are on auto-pilot.





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