Leftist Policies Are Directly Harming Young People

Thanks to Obamacare, young men in America are going to have to pay more for health insurance.  Perhaps the young men who voted Mr. Obama into the White House will be pleased to know this, but most other young men probably won’t be.

For example, one report notes:

Virginia regulators are poised to act on nine individual health plans and six small-group plans that propose to participate in a new insurance exchange in a market that has been transformed by the Affordable Care Act.

While the law’s effect on insurance premiums is likely to vary widely among carriers and markets, the biggest boost will come in monthly rates for the “young invincibles,” men in their 20s, who pay the least now.

It should go without saying, but those individuals pay the least because they use less.  Higher insurance premiums will likely result in many of these young men opting to pay the penalty rather and avoid purchasing insurance altogether.  More problems will follow for insurers:

The potential exodus of young, relatively healthy people from individual and small-group plans concerns insurers and regulators, who say their presence is essential in a risk pool that no longer will be allowed to exclude people with pre-existing conditions, or base rates on gender, health status, or, to a reduced degree, age.

Heritage warned about the negative implications of Obamacare for young adults.  It’s no wonder that most young adults oppose Obamacare and want to go back to the pre-Obamacare system.

If things don’t change, Heritage also notes, “[y]ounger generations will be left footing the bill for Obamacare and its irresponsible spending… The latest cost estimate for Obamacare’s provisions is $1.5 trillion over the next ten years, which doesn’t include a full decade of spending, since the most expensive provisions don’t begin until 2014.”

And doesn’t this financial burden on young people sound eerily familiar?  Think Social Security.  All young people should fear the burdens that will be forced upon us by this broken program.

On that front, Heritage notes:

Social Security’s payroll tax today is 12.4 percent, and if reforms are not made, that rate could continue to go up. Younger workers would be faced with the burden of paying back the $2.7 trillion owed to the trust fund and the $9.6 trillion in unfunded obligations over the 75-year horizon.

The Left may never get onboard with the need to reform Social Security – they’ve protested any commonsense reforms to the program quite adamantly – and they won’t be okay with efforts to totally defund Obamacare, despite the fact that it is an utter failure.  That’s why conservatives need to take the lead, for the sake of all young people who will pay dearly if we don’t act.

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