August Recess: Why Sentinels Should Take Action

The month-long August Recess will enable Sentinels to hold Members of Congress accountable to conservative principles.

Senators and Representatives will be leaving Washington and headed back home to their respective states and districts from Saturday August, 3rd through Sunday September 8th.

With the farm bill in the House and the amnesty vote in the Senate, Members of Congress have been busy.  As our CEO Mike Needham said “Freedom is either advancing or recessing with every vote.”  This couldn’t have been more true with the farm bill and amnesty votes.  Whether Members of Congress were claiming faux spending cuts or undermining the rule of law, these two votes were revealing for who is actually upholding conservative principles and who is not.

As we steadily approach the August recess, here are two great examples of how activism from conservatives like you has influenced the debate in Washington and how you can keep the momentum going.

Leading up to the amnesty vote, one Senator received 4,900 calls in his Washington office.  This same Senator voted for the Motion To Proceed to bring the amnesty bill to the floor.  Thus, we thought the Senator would vote for amnesty, but he did not. Your 4,900 calls and pressure from his home state convinced him and most likely the other Senator in the state, to vote against amnesty.  Don’t underestimate the power of influence in contacting your Members of Congress.

Likewise, a Sentinel in North Carolina tweeted to her Representative about the farm bill. The Representative’s staffer then sent the Sentinel a personal email addressing her concerns. As you build your skills, providing accountability on a public medium like Twitter can turn into influence inside the beltway.

These examples illustrate that the hard work of accountability will have a positive impact.  This is especially true during the August recess.

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