Who Cares About Immigration? Washington Lobbyists and Labor Leaders Sure Do

Apart from immigrants (legal and illegal) and folks that are motivated by either politics or principles, lobbyists and labor leaders have a vested interest in the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill.  They really care; they’re really motivated; and they’re descending upon Washington to ensure that our elected officials in Congress know how they feel.

The Hill reports:

Now that it’s crunch time in the Senate, more groups are announcing ad buys, organizing fly-in visits to Washington and coordinating rallies on Capitol Hill to push their priorities.

Another interesting nugget:

Millions of dollars have already been spent trying to influence the debate. A Kantar Media CMAG study of 2013 television ad buys through June 10 shows that supporters of immigration reform have spent more than $2.4 million, outmatching their opponents by 3-1. Forty-one percent of the supporters’ ads have been in Spanish.

You heard it.  And USA Today reports the same thing.  Sure, the spending is coming from both sides of the debate – but the big spenders are the amnesty bill’s proponents. 

And another noteworthy tidbit from the Hill:

Labor unions are stepping up their lobbying as well.

Why ever would union bosses be so interested in this debate? 

According to the NYT:

Immigrant workers, especially Latinos, have brought growth to unions that had struggled for years with declining membership.

And for union bosses, decreased union membership equals decreased union dollars.

Of course, conservatives care about immigration, too.  We care about upholding the rule of law.  We care about securing the border.  We care about actually fixing the legal immigration system.  And we care about the $6.3 trillion in additional costs that taxpayers will pay over the life-span of the 11 million illegal immigrants who would be granted amnesty if the Gang of Eight bill becomes law.

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