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In 1997 Jose Aldana came to the United States to pursue a degree at Ozarks University in Arkansas in his area of academic passion, chemistry.  He loved chemistry so much that he also obtained his Ph.D. in nanotechnology from the University of Arkansas.

Needless to say, it took a great deal of focus and perseverance.  Fortunately, Jose had an excellent example in his parents, who instilled in him the same work ethic they had.   A middle class family by Guatemalan standards, they worked hard, took their children to church, and were never dependent on the government.  Jose emulated his parents’ virtues, which helped him to transition when he came to the U.S.

Coming to the United States was not that difficult, as he was here on a student visa with a merit-based scholarship, working to obtain his degree.  There was not an “iron wall” or any “anti-immigrant sentiment” that he experienced.

He wants all immigrants to be held to the same standards; anything less is unfair and unjust to those who have come here legally.  Jose has done his best to follow America’s legal immigration process.  It is unfair to him and others like him for illegal immigrants who did not have the same respect for the rule of law to receive legal status through amnesty.

If you have trouble taking that from policy analysts and wonks or from the media, take it from someone whose lived the life of a legal immigrant.

Obamacare: Young People Get the Shaft, Low-Income Young People Get Medicaid

A recent study indicates that health insurance premiums could rise by as much as 40 percent as a result of President Obama’s healthcare law.  Young, healthy men would be the most negatively affected by this changed.

Heritage’s Ed Haislmaier explains that young adults in states that choose to adopt the Medicaid expansion could be trapped in low-wage and part-time jobs.  “The program creates perverse incentives that make it advantageous to have employees go into Medicaid – and stay there.”

What are these incentives?  Who would really want to sign up for a failed Medicaid program that doesn’t improve health outcomes? 

Since Obamacare requires everyone to purchase insurance or pay a fine, young people with low-income jobs will be likely to choose Medicaid.  Medicaid will be one of three options for such young people, and, since there is no premium for Medicaid, it may prove to be the most attractive option.

Shockingly Rich Recipients of Corporate “Farm” Bill Welfare

1. Former President Jimmy Carter – His family collected $272,288 in subsidy payments from 1995 to 2012.
2. U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack – He received $82,874 in USDA benefits for his family farm from 1995 to 2012.
3. USDA Under Secretary Michael T. Scuse – He “owns 20.8 percent of a farm upon which taxpayers have lavished $1,051,107 from 1995 to 2012.”
4.  The Rockefeller Family – Two members of the family have received $356,018 and $591,057 respectively.

A Pitch for Obamacare is a Whopping Commencement Letdown

Of all the insipid, uninspiring, and downright insulting things a new college graduate could hear at his or her commencement, the words of President Obama have to take the cake.  Yes, he wrapped up his commencement speech at Morehouse College with a pitch for arguably the most glaring failure of his presidency, Obamacare:

We’ve got to make sure everybody has good health in this country.  It’s not just good for you, it’s good for this country. So you’re going to have to spread the word to your fellow young people.

President Obama is targeting young people who are definitively going to get the short end of the Obamacare stick.  Voters favor repealing Obamacare by a 22-point margin, but among the most disillusioned are, you guessed it, young people.

Sentinel Stories: Immigration Reform Through Octavio Sanchez’s Eyes

In life, when an issue arises, you must go to the source or the root of the problem, and fix it.  Simply trying to deal with the effects is not enough. Octavio Sanchez doesn’t think the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill will work, because it doesn’t actually solve the problems related to our immigration system but simply tries to deal with the effects of illegal immigration.

As we think about immigration, we are inundated with opinions from media pundits, news anchors, and policy analysts alike.  Octavio is none of the above.  His perspective is important though because he is an American citizen, and it is unique because he came here from Mexico 16 years ago with his wife and children.

Immigrants who come here lawfully have the opportunity to thrive in a place where the words “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” have real meaning.  That’s why Octavio came here and why he loves America.




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