Sorry Senate, Your Amnesty Bill Is Irredeemable

Putting amnesty in an “immigration reform” bill precludes the possibility of it being good for America; amnesty is simply bad for America.  No specific amendment, no rhetoric, no emotional plea and no arbitrary number of votes can change that.

Unfortunately, according to CQ Roll Call (sub. req’d), some Senate Republicans believe a certain number of votes is all it takes:

Senate Republicans are coalescing around a number of proposed amendments that they say could create enough momentum for the immigration bill to pass the Senate with more than 70 votes, a mark of support they say would improve the legislation’s chances in the House.

Republicans are working on amendments related to border security, employment verification, public benefits for undocumented immigrants and other issues and hope to introduce it within the next few days.

Their efforts could give the bill (S 744) the push it needs to make it through the Senate by the July Fourth recess. Republicans and Democrats have had difficulty agreeing on which amendments to vote on and Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., warned Tuesday morning he would keep senators in town over the weekend and is willing to file cloture on the bill if necessary.

Already there are signs of a thaw. The Senate was voting on four amendments Tuesday afternoon and the GOP’s latest talks suggest more votes could be forthcoming soon.

Our CEO Michael A. Needham saw this very strategy coming and stated on June 14:

Unless the Gang of Eight is willing to reconsider their legalization-first approach, their legislation is beyond repair.  Amnesty cannot be improved, and amendments that change the bill’s post-legalization language are simply talking points disguised as policy.  Heritage Action will oppose amendments that, if adopted, will serve as political cover for those Senators seeking to justify their support for amnesty.

No amount of sugar will help this medicine go down.  Amendments designed to make this amnesty bill appear palatable just won’t cut it.

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