Sen. Lee Exposes Amnesty Bill’s Unfair Double Standard

Today on the Senate floor, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) explained one of the many reasons he is opposed to the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill.

Sen. Lee relayed the story of a woman who is here on a visa.  She spent “years of [her] life and thousands of dollars immigrating to this country legally, the right way.”  He shared what she wrote in a letter to him:

I have a good job, a job that I love, a job teaching school.  But I’m here on a visa and that visa expires in a few years. And I know that when the visa expires, unless somehow I’m able to get that visa extended, unless I’m able to get another visa, I will be sent home.  I will have to leave this country.  And it breaks my heart that at the same time I’m going to have to leave this country, there will be lots of people, in fact, 11 million or more who are currently here illegally who have broken the law in coming here, and many of whom have been working here illegally, who will not only be allowed to stay, not only be allowed to stay in their current job, but who will be put on a pathway to citizenship.

This is a “profound unfairness” she added.  She said we are rewarding those who have broken the law while punishing people who tried to do it the right way.

Jose Aldana, an immigrant who is going through the legal process to become a citizen, made a similar point, which he shared with Heritage Action for our Sentinel Stories series:

Having been through this process, Jose is staunchly opposed to the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill.  He believes it puts cart before the horse and that it will give people the incentive to come here illegally, knowing that the process will be easier for them than if they went through the legal immigration system.

Similarly, he is concerned about employers who won’t want to bother going through the labor certification for employees who have come here legally when illegal immigrants will be granted amnesty and work authorization.

In no way is the Gang of Eight bill good for America and it is certainly unfair to those who have come to this country legally.

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