Conservatives to GOP: Remain United, Live Up to Principles, Codify Hastert Rule

The Conservative Action Project has sent an open letter to Congress calling on House Republicans to uphold the principles of limited government, freedom, and American values.  One key step to living up to this mandate from the American people is to abide by what is known as the Hastert Rule; namely, to make sure that any bill scheduled for a vote on the House floor is supported by at least a majority of the majority.

The New York Times has chronicled the various bills that were passed in House during the 102nd Congress to the 113th Congress.   The bills passed during the 112th and 113th Congress in violation of the Hastert Rule, from the fiscal cliff deal to the Violence Against Women Act, were matters of no small significance.  Conservatives opposed them, and yet, they were passed with the support of liberal Democrats and only a minority of Republicans in the House.  Interestingly, Heritage Action has key voted against the five most recent violations of the Hastert Rule.

Violating the Hastert rule is a disservice to the American people.  Accordingly, the Conservative Action Project has called on Republicans to remain united, and specifically:

To that end, we encourage you to formally pass the Hastert Rule that requires a “majority of the majority” to pass legislation.  A growing number of House members support an effort to change Republican Conference rules to codify the Hastert Rule.

Codifying the Hastert Rule will provide the conservative check against President Obama’s big-government policies the American people intended when they gave Republicans the majority in the House.


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The Hastert Rule will help Republicans in the House protect freedom and American values.

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