We’ve Still Got a Soviet-Style Dairy Program on Our Hands

We’ve got a Soviet-style dairy program in America today, and one of the proposals in the farm bill would actually make it worse.  – Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

That statement was made in July 12, 2012.  Unfortunately, it’s still applicable today.  Make no mistake: conservatives still have a big farm bill fight on our hands.

The House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas recently said that as part of his partnership with his ranking Democrat, Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), his draft farm and food welfare bill will include a new milk program just like the one Speaker Boehner and most processors have opposed.

The dairy program is just one of many egregious flaws in the farm bill.  When Speaker Boehner made that statement about our Soviet-style dairy program last year, Dan Holler explained:

The massive market distortions in the farm bill are everywhere. Rather than allowing farmers to respond to market forces (i.e., the demands of American and global consumers), they are responding to incentives (and disincentives) from Washington.

Getting members of Congress to wrap their minds around these simple free market principles and then to embrace them is a battle, but it is a worthwhile one at that.  If we don’t convince them, the trillion-dollar farm bill will remain yet another cause of debt and economic decline in America.

So the battle continues.

This is especially true with regard to food stamps, which comprise roughly 80 percent of the spending in the bill.  And recall, food stamp spending has soared to unfathomable heights – and food stamp program participation is literally at a record high – under President Obama.

The bottom line is that lawmakers in Congress have to keep the best interests of all Americans in mind, not just big-government special interests and lobbyists.  Passing a trillion-dollar farm bill is certainly not in our best interest.

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A trillion-dollar farm bill is certainly not in our best interest.

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Congress must embrace simple free market principles; they should reject the trillion dollar farm bill.

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"We’ve got a Soviet-style dairy program in America today." Rep. Boehner

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