The States Should Reject the Medicaid Expansion

As Josh Robbins reminds us, we must not forget that preventing the implementation of Obamacare is our last line of defense against the healthcare law before it goes fully into effect in 2014 resulting in greatly diminished quality of care and massive costs.  Rather than trying to bail out one part of Obama care by “shuffling money between accounts,” Congress should repeal the law in full.

There are two steps that conservatives can take to prevent the implementation of the Obamacare.  Robbins explains:

Conservatives can battle this implementation of Obamacare on two fronts: 1) showing the federal government cannot be relied upon to provide the funding for states to cover this massive expansion of government health care; and 2) explaining that Medicaid does not work. 

What is alarming is that in the state of Montana, special interest groups are going to great lengths to get federal money.  Their wishful thinking leads them to believe the feds are going to keep their promises. 

Carl Graham, President of the Montana Policy Institute explains the state of play.  Though the Medicaid-expansion bill was killed in the House, “a handful of big-government Senate Republicans teamed up with Democrats and Big Medicine, and the usual professional victim industry lobbyists” to push the bill through various committees and chambers until House leadership caved.

Ultimately, five Republicans and all the Democrat Senators “flouted” House and Senate rules as well as the Montana State Constitution to repurpose three bills.  It came down to a 50-50 procedural vote and then the bill passed in the Senate.

Next, the bill went to “the Great Medicaid Expansion Dying Grounds” in the House.

The people of Montana have yet to see whether Governor Bullock and the state legislature pass the Medicaid expansion.

But for their sake, we hope not.  As Josh Robbins also explains, Medicaid is a failed program because it does not help produce healthier people – just higher costs:

Not only can we not afford an expansion, Medicaid is not working for its current beneficiaries.  The result of a study of a 2008 expansion of the Oregon Medicaid program shows that Medicaid removes a financial burden for the poor, but does not produce better health care outcomes for them than if they had no insurance at all. 

Robbins adds:

2013 presents the last opportunity for conservatives to stop the implementation of Obamacare before its unaffordable entitlements come online next year.  The Medicaid expansion is one of the best opportunities to limit the damage.

Hopefully this message will resonate with the people of Montana and with all the states that have not already accepted the Medicaid expansion.

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2013 presents the last opportunity for conservatives to stop the implementation of Obamacare

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