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Today, Congress heard the testimony given by Gregory Hicks, Benghazi whistleblower and deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya.  On April 30, Heritage’s Helle Dale told us to “expect fireworks when the whistleblowers finally do get to tell their stories.”

Well, the White House is putting on a great fireworks display.

In light of today’s testimony, the White House has accused Republicans yet again of making “attempts to politicize” the tragic attacks in Benghazi and the subsequent disinformation campaign by the Obama administration.

The congressmen and congresswomen who are still attempting to get to the bottom of this issue are not simply trying to politicize it – they actually want answers.

The bottom line is that this issue is not yet resolved, and the administration’s blatant and continued attempts to make America believe otherwise is disgraceful.

Open Letter to Congress: The Promise of the Williamsburg Accord

Dear Congressman,

In the coming months, you will face tremendous pressure to accept a deal to raise our nation’s debt ceiling.  Conservatives around the country will insist the debt ceiling not be raised unless our nation gets on a path to a balanced budget within 10 years and stays balanced.  This is not an arbitrary marker; rather, it is the marker laid out by the entire House Republican Conference in what has become known as the Williamsburg Accord.

Conservatives cannot enter into the debt ceiling debate without understanding the promise of the Williamsburg Accord.

What Every Taxpayer Needs to Know about the “Farm Bill”

Cost:  The bill is expected to cost nearly a trillion dollars over ten years.  Last year’s bill cost $957 billion over ten years.  By comparison, the last farm bill, enacted in 2008, cost $604 billion.  That equals a 60% increase in farm and food aid since the last reauthorization. 

Jim DeMint on the Immigration Bill’s Crushing $6.3 Trillion Tab

Today on Fox News, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint discussed Heritage’s new report on the cost of amnesty, which will be crushing to taxpayers now and in the future.  Later this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to mark up the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, and it is essential that they consider the massive costs to taxpayers of this bill.

Pointlessly Harming Online Businesses Isn’t “Fair”

Recent research suggests that the business of online retailers – the very behavior the Marketplace Fairness Act is designed to crush – isn’t actually hurting brick-and-mortar companies.

The Marketplace Fairness Act is about harming online businesses and taxing Americans more.  Bottom line, this is cronyism, not “fairness.”



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