One Thing Eric Holder Thinks He Knows: Thomas Perez Should Be Labor Secretary

As BuzzFeed recently pointed out, there are a lot of things that Eric Holder “just doesn’t know.” But apparently he thinks that Thomas Perez would make a great Secretary of Labor:

 Holder told leaders of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that Perez deserves praise for bringing a record number of cases alleging voting rights violations and police misconduct. He says Perez also has won record amounts of money in discrimination lawsuits.

Well.  If you watched Mr. Holder answer questions about the IRS’s tax scandal, wherein they targeted conservative groups because they didn’t like what they stood for, you may have noted that Mr. Holder is often times more than a little confused.  Unfortunately, his memory also fails to serve him well.

So maybe we can help him clear things up on the issue of Labor Secretary nominees.  Mr. Perez’s work in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division should have lead Mr. Holder to conclude that Perez is grossly under-qualified to be Labor Secretary.  Not only is he unqualified, but he is downright dangerous. 

Heritage Action’s Josh Robbins outlined ten really good reasons to oppose Mr. Perez’s nomination.  It’s important to note, this would-be Labor Secretary has pushed bad labor policy while running the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.  Among many inappropriate actions he took:

 Perez filed an anti-religious liberty brief in the Supreme Court in Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC that involved the firing of a teacher at the Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Establishment Clause prevented the government from involving itself in the appointment of church ministers.  Thomas Perez argued, quite extraordinarily, that the First Amendment had no bearing on the government’s ability to regulate who churches can and cannot hire to teach religion at its religious schools.

Perez also has consistently used his position to push radically liberal policies and has sought to have the federal government manage the most mundane aspects of business and daily life.

Sorry to break it to you, Mr. Holder.  Mr. Perez would be an unacceptable Labor Secretary.

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