Jim DeMint on the Immigration Bill’s Crushing $6.3 Trillion Tab

Today on Fox News, Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint discussed Heritage’s new report on the cost of amnesty, which will be crushing to taxpayers now and in the future.  Later this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to mark up the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, and it is essential that they consider the massive costs to taxpayers of this bill.

Previewing the now-released report, DeMint said:

I read it over the weekend, and it makes it abundantly clear… the number over a fifty year lifespan of an amnesty for unlawful immigrants is $6.3 trillion to the American taxpayer.  And we know over time that this is going to increase more debt, increase taxes.  That has a depressing effect on our economy, and we know that unlawful immigrants, once they have amnesty, are to replace the jobs of many Americans and depress their salaries. 

In response to the idea that unlawful immigrants who are given amnesty will not be able to receive benefits for roughly 13 years, DeMint stated:

I’ll believe that when I see it.  Congress is notorious for not counting the costs and not keeping their promises.  Even if they follow through, unlawful immigrants are already receiving many benefits.  A lot of their children are legal American citizens, whether it’s public education or Medicaid… When the life expectancy of unlawful immigrants goes another 50 years, once they get on Social Security and Medicare,  the average cost of an unlawful immigrant is hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That’s a net cost. They pay some taxes, but what they take out of the tax system is much, much greater and the total is 6.3 trillion dollars over that next 50 year period.

He added:

Unless immigrants have a college education or better, they’re going to be a net drain on the taxpayer.

In no way is the Senate’s amnesty bill good for America.

Read the Heritage report.

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Unless immigrants have a college education or better, they’re going to be a net drain on the taxpayer.

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Jim DeMint explains in no uncertain terms how detrimental the Senate's immigration bill is.

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Jim DeMint explains, in no way is the Senate's amnesty bill good for America.

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