Harry Reid Promises to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Nothing short of success is acceptable to me. – Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)

The question is how to define “success.”  The rule of law and the interests of American citizens should serve as a frame of reference.  Absent those, “success” simply means passing something, anything.

Sen. Reid was speaking in reference to immigration reform.  He also stated:

I pledge that I will do everything in my power as Majority Leader to get a bill across the finish line.  We can’t do this piecemeal, and we can’t do it without a pathway to earned citizenship.

A quick jaunt down memory lane will help us all recall that Mr. Reid does not hold the rule of law or the Senate rules in high esteem – at least when they get in his way.

Think of how he threatened to back President Obama’s unconstitutional non-recess appointments.  Recall how he’s acted in the past to silence the voice of the minority in the Senate, so that there would be less time for deliberation on legislation and nominations and called it “filibuster reform.”

So, we’ll take him at his word.  This is a man who is willing to throw the Constitution out the window and change the rules when it suits him.

Perhaps most unsettling is that he says we cannot do this piecemeal and that we can’t do it without a so-called pathway to citizenship.

The translation is that Reid wants to pass controversial, comprehensive reform that contains amnesty.

Heritage Action’s Russ Vought has explained why this is in no way an appropriate solution.  The Senate immigration bill would give 11 million people amnesty and would fail to truly secure the border:

Within six months, S. 744 affords almost everyone who entered the country illegally prior to 2012, the opportunity to apply for “registered provisional immigrant” (RPI) status… The Homeland Security Department (DHS) would only be required to “establish a strategy…to identify where fencing…should be deployed” to achieve operational control over portions of the border (“high-risk sections”).

Illegal immigrants would be given Social Security numbers, be eligible for drivers’ licenses, and could work freely in the country immediately.  This includes individuals who were previously deported and criminals with up to two misdemeanors.

And again, this bill does not help to secure the border.  Vought explains, “actual border security is never a precondition to legalization – temporary or permanent.”

In all:

S. 744 discourages respect for the rule of law, favors law-breakers over immigrants patiently waiting in line, and encourages future unlawful immigration.  It will also further bankrupt the nation—a similar amnesty bill considered in 2007 would have cost $2.5 trillion from providing government benefits to legalized immigrants.

This approach to immigration reform is not in the best interest of Americans, and Harry Reid is intent upon making sure it passes nonetheless.

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Harry Reid has promised to work to give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants.

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