Coburn: Politicians Manufacturing Disaster Relief Crisis

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) set the record straight:

We’re not going to need a [disaster relief] bill.  … Most of the property damage was insured. This is a 250, 300 million dollar cost for the federal government out of the FEMA fund … [this is] Washington creating a crisis when none exists; when we have $11.6 billion sitting in the fund… [transcript]

Most of the fiscal hyperbole surrounding the massive tornado that swept through Moore, Oklahoma was generated by big-spending politicians and reporters looking for eye-catching headlines.

Coburn also emphasized the self-reliant spirit that was the cornerstone of America’s founding:

We have too much government now. What you have seen already in Oklahoma is a complete voluntary response. Almost $50 million has been raised and given for the cause down there.  You have seen a tremendous neighbor-to-neighbor response. Less than 25 people had to spend the night in a shelter out of everybody that was displaced because neighbors are helping neighbors.  Watch how we handle this. We will get by and rebuild. [transcript]

Kudos to Tom Coburn for standing on principle and opposing the type of behavior that has contributed to our nation’s nearly $17 billion debt.

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The self-reliant spirit that was the cornerstone of America’s founding.

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Kudos to Tom Coburn for opposing behavior that contributes to our nearly $17 billion debt.

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