We Won’t Beat Around the Bush on Immigration Reform

We operate on principle, not on politics.  We don’t mince words or beat around the bush. That is why we fully intend to engage on the important issue of immigration:

However, that still leaves Heritage Action, which is on record as opposing both a “comprehensive” approach to overhauling the nation’s immigration system and anything that can be interpreted as providing “amnesty” to the millions of undocumented immigrants who currently reside in the United States. It’s unclear how Heritage Action might express its opposition, but the group in the past has sought to make its case on the air and through local media outlets.

“Heritage Action is opposed to a comprehensive approach; instead, we believe Congress should pursue a step-by-step process. Any legislation should welcome lawful immigrants and encourage their full participation in American life. Amnesty, in whatever form it takes, is a non-starter. Amnesty not only discourages respect for the rule of law, but it encourages future unlawful immigration and treats law-breaking immigrants better than law-abiding immigrants,” Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler said. “Congress needs to demonstrate it can grapple successfully with things like border security and lawful immigration reform.”

This issue affects American citizens too profoundly for us to take a back seat as Congress hashes out its ideas.

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Congress should pursue a step-by-step process on immigration reform.

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Amnesty discourages respect for the rule of law.

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Amnesty encourages future unlawful immigration.

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