The Power of Active Networks

Members of Congress, take note: Sentinels are a vast, knowledgeable network of patriots who are willing to engage on the issues in their communities.

The Sentinel Program has already been influential and will only become more powerful as we expand.  The combined strength of Heritage Actions grassroots network and government relations team makes the Sentinel Program unlike any other.  Sentinels spend countless hours learning about the issues so that they can get through Hill staffers.   They have unabashed desire to see conservatives get the country back on track, and that is what fuels their fire.

What Angelo Codevilla calls the “ruling class,” is what we want to see stamped out. If you haven’t read Codevillas The Ruling Class, I would highly recommend it.  Special interest driven politics, ear marks, compromising on our principles – that is what makes the ruling class.  Politicians are driven by accepting favors, allowing political cronies to promise them the world.  Liberals may entice them to “work across the aisle,” which usually entails compromising on principle. 

Big government encourages this corruption.  Carve a little bit out of the budget for this special interest group; give this person an appointed position because they are your friend; turn a blind eye to some unlawful actions and perpetuate the corruption of Washington.

But the Sentinel Program will change the culture of Washington.

Heritage Action is coordinating with activists on the ground.  When a Sentinel’s Member of Congress stands up in Washington against immense political pressure to compromise, they know the Sentinels have their back at home.  Conversely, when they cave and throw out their principles with the evening trash, Sentinels will know about it.



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The Sentinel Program will change the culture of Washington.

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