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Let’s cut through the Washington spin: Senators who vote in favor of the Leahy-Schumer-Reid gun bill (S.649) next week will be voting to fundamentally disrupt and alter the behavior of legal gun owners and users.  In addition to allowing the beginnings of a national gun registry, Leahy-Schumer-Reid gun bill’s universal background check provision will restrict the ability of law-abiding citizens to use firearms.

Consider two very common practices among law-abiding gun owners and users that would become illegal under the Leahy-Schumer-Reid gun bill:

  1. Borrowing your neighbor’s handgun on the way to a shooting range

  2. Loaning your rifle to a friend before going on hunting trip

Surprise! Obamacare Fails to Offer Small Businesses Choices

Liberals think Obamacare will someday magically become good for American small businesses, but only after the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can iron out some wrinkles. They were wrong in 2009 and still are today.  Tigers don’t change their stripes; Obamacare is a bad law and that’s not going to change.

Obamacare’s Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) isn’t giving said small businesses as many “options” as President Obama had promised.   Rather than being able to shop for insurance policies in an insurance market, or exchange, and chose from multiple plan options, small employers only get to offer one plan to their workers.  That is what HHS suggested for the first year for businesses that use the 33 state exchanges run fully or in part by the U.S.

Leahy-Schumer-Reid Gun Bill: Unprecedented Criminalization

Next week, dozens of United States Senators are likely to vote in favor of the Leahy-Schumer-Reid gun bill (S.649).  When they do, they’ll be voting in favor of unprecedented criminalization of law-abiding American citizens.  In what appears to be a first, the Leahy-Schumer-Reid gun bill would criminalize innocent acts and victims.

U.N. Adopts the Arms Trade Treaty

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  To borrow a word (not so) affectionately used by Secretary of State John Kerry to describe his fellow Americans, the adoption of this treaty can legitimately be called “stupid.”

Mr. Obama: Keystone Should Not Be A Conundrum For You

For President Obama – someone who presents himself as a champion of the poor and middle class – approving the Keystone XL pipeline should be a no brainer, because the project would create jobs and reduce energy prices.

As Heritage has explained, it is the poor who are disproportionately and adversely affected by higher energy prices, since a much larger portion of their income goes to paying their energy bills.

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