Senate Passes Resolution to Honor Lady Thatcher Just Before Funeral

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has called up his resolution honoring Lady Margaret Thatcher, and it has finally passed by unanimous consent.

Though the Senate waited till the last moment, at least it cannot be said that this fitting tribute was not completed before Lady Thatcher’s funeral, which will take place tomorrow.

However, it is unfortunate — and perhaps even reprehensible on the part of those who were holding up the resolution — that the completion of this simple action required a great deal of outside pressure.

Now that sufficient detail has surfaced – which did not occur sooner because of the secrecy with which Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) was operating – it appears that there were certain factual, historical events in the Baroness’s life that Mr. Menendez did not want to commemorate.

Yet, ultimately the language of the resolution passed today in the Senate commemorated several of Lady Thatcher’s specific accomplishments and events in her life that were greatly significant, as Sen. McConnell stated:

Let me just say that Margaret was one of the most influential and revolutionary figures of the 20th century, and failing to name her achievements would do her memory and her legacy a great disservice.

May Baroness Thatcher rest in peace.  Her legacy and her effect on the world will never be erased or forgotten.

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Senate resolution to honor Lady Thatcher finally passed.

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