Sen. Coburn on the Sequester, the FAA, and Flight Delays

The left and the media would like us to believe that the sequester is to blame for flight delays that Americans are currently experiencing.  But today on CNBC, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) explained that political motives are the real reason for flight delays.  The Obama administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could have made smarter spending cuts if they wanted to, but that would not jibe with the left’s political narrative.

Sen. Coburn explains that the 2013 budget request by the Obama administration is essentially the same level as the post sequester FAA budget.  So even with the sequester, the FAA has plenty of money to move around.  It is clear that the complaints we see from the media and the left about the sequester and flight delays are “all a game” and “a desire not to trim the size of the federal government.”

The video can be viewed here.

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Our government wants to make sequester cuts as painful as possible.

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Flight delays don't need to happen. It's all about political games.

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The left simply does not want trim the size of the federal government.

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