Mr. Obama: Keystone Should Not Be a Conundrum for You

For President Obama – someone who presents himself as a champion of the poor and middle class – approving the Keystone XL pipeline should be a no brainer, because the project would create jobs and reduce energy prices.

As Heritage has explained, it is the poor who are disproportionately and adversely affected by higher energy prices, since a much larger portion of their income goes to paying their energy bills.

It’s still possible that the President will at long last approve Keystone, but in the meantime he’s been gallivanting around on an apology tour with liberal environmentalist millionaires and billionaires for needing to help out the little people:

You may be concerned about the temperature of the planet, but it’s probably not rising to your number-one concern.  And if people think, well, that’s shortsighted, that’s what happens when you’re struggling to get by.

It’s no surprise that some of Keystone’s biggest opponents are millionaires and billionaires, like Thomas F. Steyer, the hedge-fund billionaire, whose been very vocal about his opposition to the project and who was on the receiving end of Mr. Obama’s comment.

But if Obama is genuinely concerned about the people “struggling to get by,” why has he been stalling on this decision for so long?

Even members of Mr. Obama’s own party support the Keystone pipeline.  And his own State Department has conducted environmental assessments and concluded that the environmental impacts would be manageable.

At one gathering of millionaire and billionaire Obama supporters, the President said, the political debate needs to

break out of this notion that somehow there’s a contradiction between us being good stewards of the environment and us growing this economy. They are not a contradiction. We can grow this economy fast and faster if we are seizing the opportunities of the future and not just looking at the energy sources of the past.

But actions speak louder than words, and the painful truth is that the President’s energy policies have been dismal, the worst of which Heritage identified, citing his obstruction to Keystone at the top.

Of course, Mr. Obama spends a great deal of time and effort to make the case that what Washington needs is more “folks” who care about so-called global warming.  Translation: He wants people in Washington who are just as confused as he is and who are going to have the same impact on our wallets that he has had (i.e. a really bad one).

When you’re filling up your gas tank and paying your electric bill, Obama’s empty promises and vacuous comments won’t help.

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