Morning Action: With Obama, Things Have Gone from Bad to Worse

SEQUESTER.  In the name of doing things “the fair way,” the White House is still demanding revenue to replace the sequester (sub. req’d):

The White House is clinging to its faltering sequester strategy even after announcing last week that President Barack Obama will sign a revenue-free fix to stop furloughs at the Federal Aviation Administration.

Press Secretary Jay Carney reiterated Monday that the White House is still demanding revenue as part of a broader sequester deal.

“It is the wrong way to reduce our deficit or eliminate the sequester by simply saying, ‘You know what, we’ll just ask seniors to deal with it. We’ll hold harmless millionaires and billionaires.’ … That’s not the way this can happen,” he said. “It’s not the fair and right way, and it’s not good policy, and that’s why the president insists that we need to do this in a balanced way.”

Smart spending cuts are never truly considered.  That would not be conducive to liberals’ tax and spend strategy.

IMMIGRATION. Right now all eyes are on the Senate immigration bill that is designed to give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants.  Meanwhile, the House is producing a broad immigration bill that would eventually go to the floor.  It does contain similarities to the Senate bill (sub. req’d):

Republican Rep. John Carter predicted Monday that a broad immigration bill he and other members of a bipartisan group are drafting would go through the Judiciary Committee and that Speaker John A. Boehner would eventually put it on the House floor, with or without the support of a majority of the Republican caucus.

The House group, composed of four Republicans and four Democrats, plans to unveil its proposal next month.

The two lawmakers said their proposal would, like the recently introduced Senate immigration bill (S 744), include robust border security enhancements and require all employers to use an online tool known as E-Verify that checks whether new hires are legal workers.

As in the Senate bill, the House bill would call for a multi-year phase-in of E-Verify to work through some of the problems with the program. Both lawmakers said they want to make sure that no legal worker is improperly denied a job because of the program.

Other features of the bill, such as a new guest worker program, would be in place relatively quickly, the lawmakers said.

IST.  The debate over the internet sales tax is not over.  Remember, this legislation would be a living hell for online businesses all across America, while serving to help cash-strapped state governments grow.

Internet sales tax legislation could subject small online businesses to up to 46 state audits.

And since sales taxes vary among thousands of tax jurisdictions across the country, the chances that auditors will find mistakes—and slap the business owners with penalties—are very good. If truth-in-advertising requirements applied to legislation, says Heritage Action’s Dan Holler, the Marketplace Fairness Act would be renamed the Tax Audits from Hell Act of 2013.

Here’s how the bill works: Online businesses would be required to figure the sales tax each customer owes based on where the customer lives—even though the businesses themselves have no other dealings with that state or local government.

To be clear, having to face 46 separate audits each month would harm the economy:

Audits cost businesses time and resources that could be used to create jobs, develop and market new products, and bolster the economy. To be audited in distant locations where they have no presence other than a few customers makes that burden even greater.

ECONOMY.  With President Obama at the helm, our economy has only gone downhill, thanks in large part to Obamacare, Dodd-Frank financial services regulations, tax hikes, and policies that are destructive to our liberties:

A recent Fox News poll asked participants what is the most important issue facing the nation. The results: the economy got 42 percent, deficit 17 percent, guns 5 percent, and immigration 4 percent.

President Obama inherited a weak economy, to be sure, but his policies, including Obamacare with its costly expected mandates on businesses and the Dodd-Frank financial services regulations have made the situation worse. Even when we see some economic growth, the jobs growth has been feeble. People have been leaving the workforce. Heritage’s James Sherk noted recently, “Labor force participation dropped to 63.3 percent, the lowest rate since 1979..” America needs to get its people back to productive work, not recruit Americans to start taking food stamps.

Instead of working on bills that would help the economy, right now the politicians are working on an Internet sales tax bill and a comprehensive immigration bill offering amnesty.

The liberals’ push on each of these issues will be destructive to our liberties. The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action have been fighting liberal policy each step of the way.

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The Internet Sales Tax would be a living hell for online businesses.

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