Morning Action: Prayers for Boston

BOSTON.  Heritage responds to the terrible bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday:

Two explosions rocked Boston today at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Local and federal authorities are working to secure the area and investigate the bombings. We will soon know more details and be able to decide on what the best policies are in response. For now, as a nation, our focus and thoughts should be with all those affected. The top priority must be taking care of the victims and ensuring that first responders can do their job.

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Boston Marathon explosion victims and their families. Thanks to the police, fire fighters, and other public servants courageously responding to the dangerous scene.”

AMNESTY.  Though negotiators have reached an agreement on their immigration bill, people outside the beltway have reached no such consensus:

Champions of the bill will argue it’s high time that lawmakers do something to address the 11 million undocumented immigrants living inside the United States. But foes will decry the legislation as “amnesty” for creating a 13-year pathway to citizenship for that population, as well as slam the bill’s ultimate cost, including potentially providing millions of people with pricey new federal benefits.  Conservatives are also likely to demand that the complex bill gets a long and adequate hearing, although only two congressional hearings are currently scheduled.

The proposal, which is expected to be officially unveiled this week is titled the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013.” The massive piece of legislation will undergo its first public vetting on Friday at a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

GUNS.  The Senate’s gun bill is not a done deal yet, either:

A compromise proposal to expand background checks on gun sales lacks enough support to win Senate approval now, which will likely delay a vote on the measure that has strong public support.


Even if the compromise passes and the Senate proceeds to approve a broader gun package, it was unclear if the Republican-led House would go along.

The debate on guns has effects that reach not only to the Second Amendment but to political elections as well:

The pro-gun California Democrat who was defeated last year because he was targeted by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s super PAC is running for Congress again.

Joe Baca announced on his website Monday that he’ll run in California’s 31st District to take on GOP Rep. Gary Miller, a top Democratic target for 2014. 

Baca explains that he was “defeated by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his super PAC.”

Bloomberg wants Independence USA to back candidates who support tougher gun laws and same-sex marriage and want to improve schools.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Boston, and we thank the courageous first responders.

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The Senate stalls on its flawed anti-gun bill because it lacks sufficient support.

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The Senate's comprehensive immigration bill is not the answer to illegal immigration.

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