Morning Action: Getting Closer to An Internet Sales Tax

IMMIGRATION REFORM. Heritage identifies the top five problems with the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill, and offers guidelines for real immigration reform:

Once we get it right, there is strong bipartisan support that modernizing lawful immigration ought to be a priority. Congress should put its effort into accomplishing that aim—moving forward on an area of strong agreement, while allowing time to debate issues where there is not strong consensus.

Immigration reform can move forward on many fronts at the same time, focusing on some commonsense initiatives that begin to address the practical challenges of our immigration system. The key is to begin by working on the solutions on which we can all agree, rather than insisting on a comprehensive approach that divides us.

INTERNET SALES TAX.  The cloture vote on the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 (S.743) was agreed to by a vote of 74-20.  Twenty-six Republicans and 46 Democrats voted in favor of cloture.  We have explained why the Senate should oppose the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, which would harm interstate competition and small businesses.

DINNER DATE.  It’s unclear how helpful President Obama’s dinner series will be, but he has yet another dinner scheduled for tonight:

President Barack Obama has invited all 20 of the historic class of women senators to dine at the White House Tuesday night, senators and the White House schedule confirmed.

Obama has been holding dinners with senators over the past few weeks to discuss current policy issues, including two meals with Republicans and one last week with Democrats. The meal Tuesday will be bipartisan, though CQ Roll Call was not able to immediately confirm the attendance of all 20 senators.

KEYSTONE.  A recent poll of both Americans and Canadians suggests the Keystone XL pipeline is viewed as a more important priority than reducing carbon emissions.  Energy security is a very important issue to Americans especially:

Nearly 75% of Americans and 68% of Canadians indicated they “support” or “somewhat support” the project, which would carry heavy crude from the Alberta oil sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast for refining, according to the poll conducted by Ottawa-based Nanos Research.

The poll also asked participants—1,007 Americans and 1,013 Canadians—which was more important: reducing greenhouse-gas emissions or having North America free from oil imports? Both a majority of Americans and Canadians, 63% and 55%, respectively, suggested reducing reliance on oil imports trumped environmental policy.

TAXES.  President Obama’s rhetoric might make the following news difficult to believe: he wants to raise taxes on the middle class.  But his liberal worldview makes this development less shocking.  It’s simply untrue that he only wants to target high income earners.  In liberals’ view, your money is just better spent by the government than by you:

President Barack Obama rarely misses a chance to call on upper-income Americans to pay more taxes.

But his annual budget is doing more to target middle-class taxpayers than any of his previous proposals, calling for caps on deductions, changes in the way some tax benefits are calculated and a big hike in cigarette taxes — all proposals that would make middle-class Americans pay more.


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